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Crooked River TV Past Podcasts!

Radio Active Live! With Pat, Flora, Dale, Jon and the crew! It's not your Dad's typical Nerd Show!
The Nanno*Second Podcast! Erik Nannarone and Pat Morrow talk with leaders in the sportscaster world as well as topics a lot of other shows wont touch! 
The World According to Elmer:  With Gerry Sorensen and Pat Morrow is about Amateur Radio from the "Newbie Prospective" We talk about everything from How to get your license, getting on the air to the latest radios on the market! Join us at 7:00pm on Thursdays!
4 Guys on Sports! 
What can we say, It's the best Saturday morning sports show around! Shawn, Gordon, Nate, and Pat talk about all sports but particularly about The Browns and Cowboys, Latest basketball and more! Join us at 11:00am Saturday

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